Cara Meeker for Concord School Board

Running for District B representing Wards 5, 6, and 7

Why I’m Running for School Board

Prepping for Market Days with other Volunteers

I believe in public service.

It has always been important to me to get involved and to serve my community, whether through volunteer opportunities or holding an office. I have previously volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and was elected President of my neighborhood HOA. Since settling in Concord, I have volunteered for the Market Days Festival, the Concord Multicultural Festival, and as a community grant reviewer for the Granite United Way.

I’m a parent in the district.

I am the proud parent of a 4th grader at Abbott-Downing Elementary School. My husband and I want what’s best for our daughter and, as with any parent, we worry about all the things. Is she safe, is she happy, is she making friends, is she learning the skills she needs to be successful in life? How can I make her life a little bit better today, tomorrow, and the next day?

Being a member of the school board would give me one more opportunity to help shape her future in a positive way, as well as the futures of so many others.

The best adventures are outside.
Our own family version of “AMA” during the pandemic.

I am committed to public education.

As a product of the public school system, I am the person I am today because of the opportunities afforded me in public school. I fell in love with science at an early age, was supported by great teachers and administrators, and was able to participate in clubs and electives that expanded my world and my interests.

I also know it has been such a hard couple of years for everyone. We all had to make impossible choices, take on risks, and sometimes put our own feelings on hold so we could be brave for our kids. Now, as we emerge from such challenging times, we can do so much! But we have to do the hard work of rebuilding relationships, restoring trust, and finding ways to get all our kids back on track and doing better than ever.

I have research & policy experience.

I have years of professional experience in the legislative environment and I am comfortable researching and drafting policy, working with large budgets, and participating in public meetings. During my time at Legislative Legal Services for the Colorado State Legislature, it was essential that I adopted a nonpartisan approach to my work in order to establish and maintain trust with the people I served and the constituents of the state. I am always ready and willing to discuss any idea on its merit and work to find consensus when working to achieve a common goal.

I have recently joined Red River Theatres as an Office Administrator and am excited to have found a new career in the non-profit sector. The school board role is a chance for me to continue my interest and work in policy and local and state government, as well as serve my community.

Flowers in my yard make me happy!

I want to hear from you!

Your opinions and concerns are important to me. Tell me what you think the district is doing well and what else can be done to improve the lives of our children and our community as a whole.


Campaign signs and materials have been funded by generous community members who donated to:

Friends of Cara Meeker


Don’t be Scare-a, vote for Cara!

– Evelyn, 9 yrs old.