More About Cara

Thank you to Concord TV for giving all candidates a forum!

On being a Newcomer to Concord

I am not originally from New Hampshire, that is true! I was lucky to marry into an amazing family with deep ties to Concord. My husband Tom Daigle was born and raised here; he went to Kimball (now Christa McAuliffe), Rundlett, and Concord High School. Some of his very best friends today are ones he made in grade school, and those ties and the schools are one of the big reasons we were drawn back here to raise our daughter.

I have been visiting New Hampshire at least once a year for more than 15 years. I have been to see where the Old Man used to be, played at Weirs and Hampton Beach, hiked the Flume, had ice cream at Gould Hill and cider donuts at Carter Hill. I have had many, many discussions about how New Hampshire maple syrup is better than the rest. Over the years, I have been to weddings, graduations, birthday parties, and funerals here. We may have finally landed in Concord permanently only a year ago, but I’d like to think of myself as having real history in this awesome place we now call home.

My Work and Interests

I am an administrative professional with experience in government and non-profit work. I have brought my skills to a variety of jobs, from the state legislature to a production beer brewery! In college, I had dreams of becoming a professor and was granted a teaching fellowship in biogeography during my senior year. That led me to a masters program researching fire ecology and long-term climate change, which included a summer research fellowship in Tanzania.

While academia was ultimately not the path for me, I value my experience and have such an appreciation for academics and research. Since 2010, I have applied those research and writing skills as a senior legislative editor for the Colorado State Legislature. That position came to an end last year when my family resettled in Concord, my husband’s hometown. And now, I hope to bring those skills to the Concord School Board!

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